Spring sunshine by the river Gade

The park beckoned us to enjoy the lovely sunshine today. In my garden the primroses and crocus celebrate the spring.

2crocus 1primroses

We strolled past the bowling green admiring the willows glowing golden by the river.

3bowlinggreen 5willows

The river Gade is swollen by recent rains but hasn’t flooded the park as it did last year, when it recreated the lake that was here in the 18th century.

6gade 8bridge


The elegant bridge was once part of the driveway for Sir Astley Cooper, and there is a lovely view of the church from it. We follow the river back towards the town.

10blossom 9church


A strange warning call alerts us to the beautiful thrush sitting in the tree above our heads. We aren’t sure if he’s yelling at us or at the magpies in the next tree.

13kingcupsriver 14kingcupsbank

Wild cyclamen or kingcups are all along the banks of the River Gade. They sway in the sunshine and reflect its light in the shadows of the trees.

On the mound at the end of the Jellicoe water gardens, there are crocuses and primulas.

16primulas 15crocus

More blossom and flowers greet us all along the serpentine path.

17sloe 18kerria 19prunus 20mahonia

In the formal gardens, the snowdrops still bloom but the daffodils and crocus outshine them.

23beds 21crocus22beds 20daffs

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