Bees, birds, blossom and butterflies


Today is gorgeously sunny so we’ve been for a walk to visit the lambs.
The blossom in front of St John’s church raises our spirits as we join the towpath, and a wren chirrups noisily from nearby tree. Too fast and small to photograph!

2reeds 3field

The reeds grow tall in the river Bulbourne. We take the lane under the railway and cross the fields towards the Boxmoor Trust HQ. The field is still flooded, and the black headed gulls that have settled there are beginning to live up to their name.


The first lambs we see are in the field next to the barn, enjoying the sunshine. These are tiny and not yet confident on their feet. We cross the road and head up the hill to find the older ones who are at the top.

8catkin 5bee

Catkins and blackthorn light up the hedgerow, and birds call from the tops of the trees.

7tortoiseshell 6peacock

Early butterflies have emerged from their winter


hiding places. A tortoiseshell and a peacock take advantage of the nectar on the blackthorn and bask in the warm sun.
In the large field at the end of the lane, older lambs have found their feet and are enjoying a lick of salt.  The ewes are nervous of us at first but then come nearer.

12mumandlambs 11bandwlamb

Buzzards wheel overhead calling to each other.

15buzzard2 14buzzard1


We take the path down to the stile, pausing to listen to the woodpeckers’ calls and drumming in the woods.

The half moon shines in the bright blue sky.
Tonight will be a good stargazing night.

More peacock butterflies float in the warm, calm air.



We loop back across the moor through the avenue of horse chestnuts, and back past St John’s church, coming home for a hearty lunch.

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