Looking for cowslips on Roughdown common

IMG_1685The sun tempted us out for a walk today but we soon realised there was a fierce nip in the easterly wind and had to dip into the pound shop to buy a pair of gloves.

On the moor the willows are in bud  and the river Bulbourne is flowing fast. A couple of retrievers, excited by the wind and the water, play a game of chase.

IMG_1686 IMG_1688Daffodils and buttercups are blooming in the meadows. We cross the road and take the path past the gasometers and over the railway to Roughdown common.

IMG_1694 IMG_1693

The hedgerows are bright with new leaves and dotted with frothy white blossom.

IMG_1689 IMG_1696


The first cowslips and oxslips of the year are just coming into bloom.

In a few weeks the field will be covered in light yellow, but for now we have to search them out.

IMG_1707 IMG_1704

Violets have a very special colour, not blue, not purple. I search for them in the woods, but there they are in clumps in the middle of the common.  


The town looks far away through a gap in the trees.

We climb over the stile onto the track across the bypass.

IMG_1710  IMG_1708

Across the bridge, primroses light up the banks beside the track, and trees blossom.

IMG_1716 IMG_1712

We turn back down towards the station, listening to the exuberant birdsong but rarely seeing the singers.

IMG_1718 IMG_1703

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