Another sunny Sunday and the bluebells are out

1willow 2_buttecup

By the river Bulbourne the buttercups bloom in the water meadow and the willow has bright green new leaves.

3_cowslip 5_cowslip 8_tree 11_cowslips

Oxlips turn the hillside to gold up on Roughdown common.

4_sloe 6_ladybird 7_blossom 10_butterfly

Ladybirds and butterflies warm themselves in the bright sunshine and sip the nectar from sloe bushes and apple blossom.

13_blossom 12_blossom 15_buds 9_field

All the hedgerows are bright with spring colour. I remember the A.E Housman poem, from the Shropshire Lad

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
is hung with bloom along the bough,
and stands about the woodland ride
wearing white for Eastertide”

14_forgetmenot 16_primrose

Forget me nots and primroses bloom in the lane as we cross the bridge.

17_stair 18_hill

The steps beckon us through the woods and over the old golf course.

19_trees 20_bluebells 23_bluebell 25_violet

The bluebells in Bury Wood carpet the forest floor, and violets and kingcups peek through the leaf litter. All around the birds are singing at the tops of the trees to claim their territory and warn off rivals.

28_bluebell 29_glade 32_glade 35_bluebell

We cross Box Lane and sit in the field by Ramacre wood drinking coffee and watching the butterflies. The clearings we made when we cut the laurels down last month have created lovely patches of light for the bluebells here.

36_view 37_view


Near the old barn we look back at Bury wood.

38_butterfly 38_cowslips

Butterflies dance above our heads and the oxlips flourish.

41_butterfly 42_path

We stroll through Hay Wood to see more bluebells, and buzzards cry above the trees.

44_lamb 45_labs

The lambs we saw in the early spring have grown strong and stocky.

46_forgetmenot 47_blossom

Blossom peeks through the hedge we laid in March, and more forgetmenots bloom on the verges.

50_sloe 48_lane

Everywhere the blackthorn blossom froths exuberantly

52_butterfly 49_field

We reach the bottom of the lane and pause to look at another field sprinkled with oxlips, before crossing the road to take the towpath back to town.





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